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Published: November, 2017 X
  • Breastfeeding FAQ: Is It Okay To…?

    You’ve probably already heard the saying, “breast is best.” But new moms often have tons of questions that come up about what’s safe for your baby during the breastfeeding process—and that’s perfectly okay. What’s not okay is relying on hearsay and false information to answer those questions. With that in mind, here are 5 questions and answers about breastfeeding to help clear up any confusion. 1) Is it okay to drink alcohol while breastfeeding? As the ...

  • By the Numbers: A Look at Your Baby’s Development During the First Trimester

    You probably already know that a typical pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, and that a pregnancy is considered full-term after 39 weeks. As your pregnancy progresses, you’re probably all too aware of the increasing number on the scale—and your expanding belly. But do you know what exactly is going on inside that belly? Your little one is going through some exciting changes, too. Here’s a by-the-numbers look at what’s happening with your baby during your first trimester of pregnancy. ...