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Published: January, 2018 X
  • Third Trimester: A Closer Look at the Home Stretch of Pregnancy

    When you reach the third trimester of pregnancy—weeks 25 through 38, you’re in the home stretch. On one hand, it’s just a matter of waiting for your baby to make her debut. But from her point of view, there’s still a lot of work to be done before she’s ready for the life on the outside. Here’s a look at your baby’s development in the third trimester. Filling In and Weighing In Source: US Office on Women’s Health The most important part of the third trimester for your baby is weight ...

  • 3 Reasons To Have a Birth Plan

    You’re counting down the months, weeks, and days until you get to meet this wonderful new person that’s been growing inside you. But have you thought about the details of that day? This can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. That’s where a birth plan comes in. What Is A Birth Plan? A birth plan is not a rigid plan, but a list of your preferences during labor. Source: The National Institutes of Health A birth plan is not a magical tool that guarantees a delivery just as you ...

  • How to Deal With Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms You Wish You’d Been Warned About

    You may think you know everything when it comes to bodily changes during pregnancy. After all, you’ve read the usual pregnancy books, discussed what to expect during pregnancy with your doctor ad nauseum and talked to all of your friends and family members about their experiences. Nothing will come as a surprise now—right? Wrong. Here are 6 embarrassing pregnancy symptoms you wish someone had warned you about, and how to deal with them. Gas Pregnancy has a lot of potentially embarrassing ...